Solar Power Hybrid Solution

Solar energy is the most abundant renewable source of energy in the world. No pollution or vibration is emitted from generating solar, and it is the least intrusive method of harvesting energy on planet. The entire energy demand of the civilized world in one year can be provided by the sun in just one hour if properly harnessed!

Solar power generation has emerged as one of the most rapidly growing renewable sources of electricity worldwide and has several advantages over other forms of electricity generation. Our Solar Hybrid Solutions are designed to address each customer's unique  power needs.


Power Projects Limited is your trusted partner for innovative and reliable Solar energy solutions


Our Solar Hybrid System gives you:

    • Control over your power bill using load shifting to store your energy from the renewables and use it when electricity costs are high.
    • Independence from the Grid  you now have the choice of when and how you use it.
    • Peace of Mind when the Grid goes down, your power doesn’t.
    • Choice to self consume, you have the choice of storing unused solar for later use.
    • Reliability you will never run out of power. With Solar, No more blackout!

Training with our Technical partners

In Power Projects we make the training and re-training of our engineers a regular policy so as to keep abreast with the current global trends.


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Our Technical Partners

Power Projects Limited is in technical partnership with acclaimed world leaders in related engineering services. This has helped us in the areas of training as well as research and development. This way, we are able to remain relevant and up - to - date in the ever-evolving engineering world.

Quick Response Team

The company is run by a group of highly talented, self motivated and result oriented professionals who are determined to meet the customers' needs through the provision of expertise engineering services of international standard at reasonable cost.


HSE Policy

Power Projects Ltd places very high premium on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE).
Our HSE policy makes it mandatory for everyone who works for the company, including contract staffs to adhere strictly to HSE performance standard.



Our Mission is to meet our customers' needs through the provision of expertise engineering services of international standard at reasonable cost...

As we aim at becoming an engineering firm of international standard that may be equaled but not beaten!