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AMF and Power factor regulation panel

We are engaged in offering Electrical Distribution Panels, which is manufactured using premium quality materials.

This distribution panel is used to distribute power to the various loads in building, factories, workshops etc.

.

Low Voltage Switch Boards

Our Low voltage Switch boards are composed of vertical panels, usually open on the top, bottom and rear. They typically contain rows of circuit breakers and other distribution equipment.

Typical Features Include:

• Room for expansion by adding additional circuit breakers

• Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, or Aluminum Construction

• Necessary framing, cross bracing, and stiffeners to form a rigid self-supporting structure

• Closely assembled vertical sides to minimize visible seam gap with panel front

• Matched panels, trim, doors and frames to present a neat appearance when assembled

• Meticulous combined wash and phosphating prior to receiving a dual paint process

Motor control centers

  Power Project Specialized motor control centers offer the best method for group motor control, associated control, distribution equipment and industrial communications. They are specially designed to operate machinery, industrial processes, and commercial building systems.

With over 10 years of motor control experience, all our panels meet global standards, and are designed to exceed your expectations for safety, performance and reliability.


Video Survilance- CCTV


Our IP video surveillance system combines powerful network video recorders (NVR’s) with physical security information management functionalities. This Video Services option allows you to keep a close eye on your home and business from any remote location with Internet access. Hence, you can use smart phones, cell phones and other web-enabled devices to control your security system, receive information remotely and much more using a Video mobile application.

We integrate an advanced technology  with an interactive live monitoring services  that actually simplifies and streamlines the way you interact with your home or business on a day-to-day basis, helping you stay connected by intelligently utilizing everything today’s technology has to offer.


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Our Technical Partners

Power Projects Limited is in technical partnership with acclaimed world leaders in related engineering services. This has helped us in the areas of training as well as research and development. This way, we are able to remain relevant and up - to - date in the ever-evolving engineering world.

Quick Response Team

The company is run by a group of highly talented, self motivated and result oriented professionals who are determined to meet the customers' needs through the provision of expertise engineering services of international standard at reasonable cost.


HSE Policy

Power Projects Ltd places very high premium on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE).
Our HSE policy makes it mandatory for everyone who works for the company, including contract staffs to adhere strictly to HSE performance standard.



Our Mission is to meet our customers' needs through the provision of expertise engineering services of international standard at reasonable cost...

As we aim at becoming an engineering firm of international standard that may be equaled but not beaten!